We Do Magic

“The Wizards” is an Egyptian Limited Liability Company “LLC” established April 2010. As freelancers, we work in the media field for more than 25 years; we know that we will be more efficient and powerful if we accumulate our years of experience, so we decided to combine our efforts, experiences and knowledge together. We create the best media and events solutions for your business and identify and address your most pressing needs.


Trusted Designers & Developers


Our vision is to establish standard and world-class digital marketing agencies whose services and brands will not only be accepted in Egypt but also in other parts of the world.


Our mission is to provide professional and highly creative result-oriented digital marketing services and other related advisory and consulting services that will assist starters, businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations in promoting their brands and reaching out to a wide range of potential customers all over the globe

The Wizards Core Value

Honesty Truth is the shortest path; we would rather disappoint a customer than lie.
Commitment Our word is our bond, we will always deliver on a promise.
Friendliness We are approachable, we do not hard sell, and we wait to be asked.
Business Ethics We have an oath that we defend it with our hearts.
Efficiency We work hard to reach all goals – do the right job with the right way.
Standardization Delivering standard service and quality without biases.
One Family We all stay together for better and worst.
Confidentiality Your Company secrets are secure.

Not pursuing easy gain.

Why choosing The Wizards ?

Contemporary Design

Exceptional creativity mixed with vision, marketing, and cutting-edge technology is what we hide behind the bar at The Wizards. Then we add a flame to fashion an exciting, eye-catching final design that makes the competitors wish they had what you’re having.

Knowledge is the base

Knowledge, experience, high level training is the first choice to get the best and optimum solutions to jump high with your business at the best levels.

Education is the engine

The Wizard is trained to use the most powerful weapon invented in human history. High education degrees and Multilingual skills are the most important in The Wizards team structure. 

The Impossible Equation

At The Wizards we have solved the impossible equation of  Quality, Speed, and Cost. We have standardized the quality to the highest point and created solutions to solve the time and cost so at any time the perfect price and highest quality will be served.

Our Client

Proudly Served

How We Work

Our Approach

01. Brief

The Wizards team collects all needed data and info about your business by listing carefully from you and doing some research 

02. Research

After collecting all information, it is time for analysis and calculations. This phase will clearly make the best solutions appear

03. Strategy

The best application for a successful plan is to create a good strategy to work within

Our Team

Creative Minds

Tamer Farkouh

Chairman & CEO

Karim Khattar

B.D. Director & Founder

Bassem Y.S.

Art Director & Founder

Maria J.S.


Roudi R.R.

Business Consultant

Jhon G.

Finance Consultant

Shady B.

Creative Director

Donna A.

Content Director

Joe W.

Media Production Director


Knowledge comes first, this is the main philosophy of a Wizard. The Wizards Team is certified to handle any quest in digital design and marketing

Additionally The team is capable to craft the magic in most used languages (Arabic, English, French, Greek, Italian and Dutch)

Wordpress Expert

Digital Marketing

Data Analysis